“My mother struggled to remember how to use her standard mobile phone, yet she really wanted to have one for the confidence and independence it gave her. When we discovered OwnFone we found the perfect solution. Is has proven to be the perfect, easy to use mobile phone. Not only does my mother have peace of mind now, but also I no longer need to give daily reminders about how to access her previous, much less intuitive phone.





“My wife has Parkinson's disease and is in a nursing home. The phone is brilliant and one wonders why no one thought of such a thing before. Having only 8 pre-programmed numbers to call out, and not having to remember to press a 'call' button is ideal for someone like my wife.”





“I bought my 93 year old mother, who is frail with bilateral hearing aids and advanced macular degeneration leading to partial sightedness. Amazingly despite her age, mild memory impairment and frailty, my mother has persisted in learning how to use her phone and is now able to both send and recieve calls.”











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