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best mobile phone for seniors Australia
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The simplest mobile phone for seniors!

Choose from 2 types of phones

Word Phone

kids mobile phone
Call up to 12
speed-dial numbers

Picture Phone

seniors mobile phone
Call up to 12
speed-dial numbers

Full Keypad

mobile phone seniors   mobile phone seniors back
Call any phone number
+ up to 12 speed-dial numbers

The Easy to use seniors mobile phone


OwnFone is the little personalised mobile phone for seniors that connects you directly to the most important people in your life - that's it! Just press the name of the person you want to talk to. OwnFone is easy to use and features big buttons you can feel which makes it the perfect mobile phone for seniors who want to stay connected without all the fuss! 


best mobile phones for seniors australia


Ownfone is the ideal mobile phone for seniors with dementia, Alzheimer's or arthritis.


A little mobile phone for seniors with a lot to offer


OwnFone is the world's first personalised mobile phone but that's not all! OwnFone has a bunch of innovative features that make it easy to use and the ideal mobile phone for seniors.


Made for you

It's easy to design your basic OwnFone on this website. When you're happy with your phone design, we make it for you within 3 days.

Small and light

OwnFone is small enough to be worn on the included lanyard and weighs just 40g

Easy to use

OwnFone arrives ready-to-use straight out of the box. No complicated set up or constant software updates.

Simply press a name button to make a phone call. To answer a call, just press any button on the phone - easy!

Switch to the speakerphone function with just a single button

Voice prompts including 'Calling', 'Call Ended', 'Charging', 'Maximum Volume' etc are unique to OwnFone and make it the easiest phone to operate

Big buttons you can feel

OwnFone features large buttons for the elderly and the fewer buttons the bigger they become!

Our unique 3D printing process means you can feel each button under your finger - perfect for the visually impaired

good seniors mobile phones australia.jpg



The OwnFone comes in a wide range of colours and styles. You can have two, four, eight or twelve contacts and even add your own design or family photos.

You can also transfer your existing telephone number to us when ordering.

Easy to Manage

Usage alerts allow you to easily keep track of your plan

Our Sydney based support team is also on hand to help

Good value & Flexible

A personalised OwnFone handset is available from as little as $79.00 plus postage. Call plans start at just $11.95 per month with calls included. There is no charge for inbound calls to an OwnFone.

No contracts are needed for OwnFone, and prepaid plans and special offers with discounts of up to 25% are available. 

Safe and secure

OwnFone only calls the people you choose. Any phone can call the OwnFone

A dedicated emergency button is fitted to all OwnFone handsets

A simple key pad lock helps prevent accidental dialling

Long battery life

Long battery life of five days means OwnFone is more likely to be working when it's needed most.

Wireless charging dock (included) means no connecting fidly cables

Different from the rest? Absolutely!!


Money Back Guarantee!

7 day refund policy, so you can see if the phone is right for you

Usage alerts

We send usage alerts via email during your plan to help you manage your spend, not just tell you about it later!

No dropped calls

We don't terminate phone calls every 15 minutes and force you to constantly call back

More contacts

You can have up to 12 contacts on your OwnFone - more than any other phone provider


OwnFone is less than half the weight of comparable mobile phones and the only one small enough to be worn

good mobiles for seniors australia

Great Value

OwnFone handsets cost less to buy than other mobiles

Flexible plans

We are the only provider of one button dialling seniors phones to offer prepaid phone plans as well as month to month.

Warranty & Ongoing Support

12 month replacement warranty on all mobile phone handsets. We also reprint and reprogram your handset at no charge.


The only Seniors phone which allows you to add your own design and photos to your handset, and we introduced Australia's first Braille mobile phone

Best Selling

OwnFone is Australia's best selling simple phone for Seniors.

Click here  to make your OwnFone now!


Ownfone is the best mobile phone for seniors in Australia


seniors mobile phone